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    the world is going crazy
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    Monday, January 04, 2010

    Hey guys, i will be switching my blog to :


    do update ya!!! love ya..will leave this blog open for now... =)

    spiritually_yours at 2:19 PM

    Sunday, January 03, 2010

    its been long since i ever wrote a post..

    anyway happy new year to u guys out there!
    oh yeah..and its time for me to change my blogskin...lol.. new year manz!

    i finally return home for christmas last year.really glad to be home. :)
    and also get a chance to introduce my bf to my family. like wow!! after 2years of being together!
    had fun...
    its was quieter this year but warming..as finally its only the KOH family..lol
    met up my cousins.. =)
    we also gladly exchanged our wellbeings and all..
    when the night gets young,
    my uncle and aunt start the ball rolling by dancing..
    did u guys ever know?
    my family love to dance..be it young or old.
    even my grandma..lols
    guess we are juz westernised..lol
    my cousin, priscilla,victoria,
    my sis and me.. all have dance background..cool isnt it?
    and my other cousins and my other sis are all party animals..lols.
    we had lots of wine this christmas..opened up 14 wine bottles in one night for juz 20 people..hahaha..
    came back a lil headache..but still ok ..
    i really feel happy to be home for christmas..
    its juz so different manz..
    unfortunately for me,
    i work on new year eve.
    didnt get a chance to spend time with my family..haizz
    but i gt my baby and two friends waiting for me at home..its was great after all . =)

    not forgetting i miss my gf the most..SERENE!!!MISS YA!!!

    school starting later..
    like oh manx..
    wad a day..zxzzz
    can i not go school??
    i still in holiday mood..hahha..

    spiritually_yours at 11:49 PM

    Monday, December 07, 2009

    I like it when i see you smile.
    i like every little thing you do.
    Whenever you are gone,
    my heart starts to feel empty again.
    Every moment i pray,
    you be right here by my side, stay with me.
    always missing you~

    spiritually_yours at 12:32 AM

    Sunday, November 01, 2009

    i think its been long since i update my blog.
    anyway juz to catch up on wad i had been up to
    well school starts,yupyup...

    the modules tat i taking are.

    - database systems(learn before)
    - cmaths2(zzzzzz)
    - Innovation Project
    -IT in engineering(Something like computer maintance so in a way learn before.)
    - Fundamental of Networking(Definitely learn before)
    -Data structure and algorithm(c# advanced)
    -Last but not least Japanese!!!(lols! i didnt want to take at first..but ahya thought give it a try lo afterall i got my si baba to help me,right darling??!! ashiteru!! ) hehe..!

    anyway i went to eat ramen with helicia(si baba) last week friday.lols
    shiok manz!!
    we two spend 49plus lols
    and this restuarant that we went,
    we can refill our ramen!!
    baba ate 3 1/2 bowls
    i ate 2 1/2 bowls..

    we also ordered gyoza (dumplings!)
    yum yum..lols..

    then last wed, i also went to eat jap food with my baby.
    at ichiban sushi in amk hub..(owe my darling joanna an apology for not going with u!sorry!next time meet up! ^^)

    anyway let the photos do the talking lols!!!i had some random shots too..

    was waiting for my baby to come back then go out again tat day..lols

    anyway lets the photos do the talking!!

    random shotss

    Menu of the foood

    ramen restaurant!!


    helicia darling!! sibaba!!

    ramen yum yum!!!

    my lovely baby at ichiban!!

    spiritually_yours at 11:21 PM

    Tuesday, September 29, 2009

    why does fate do this to me?
    when i m good at something,
    i m not good at other things.
    i wish i could be good at both.

    when i wanted my studies to be better,
    its doesnt came true but i m good at something else.

    when i m not good at something else,
    my studies is better.
    is life suppose to be this way?

    spiritually_yours at 2:34 AM

    Tuesday, September 22, 2009

    i have a bad week recently.
    i felt bad and guilty and i said it out things.
    but i feel better.

    i m sorry for everything that i done.
    i noe how much hurt you muz have felt.
    i m so selfish!
    i m really grateful that you forgive me.
    i promise ya i wont keep things to myself
    and share it with you.
    i had thought carefully already.
    YOu will be my only one and only.
    what baba say its true.

    True Love
    When people are bound by a true relationship,
    no distance is too far,
    no mood is too bad,
    no time is too long,
    no difficult situation can tear them apart.

    baby lets do this together ok?
    i be good as i promised.=)

    Loving you always.

    spiritually_yours at 5:24 PM

    Tuesday, September 01, 2009

    Hello people.!!
    let me update u guys more abt wad i had been doing after exam.
    first i went lunar with my dxo collegues.Joel and Lan.brought them there..see if they like it..
    cos i told them got pole dancers! lolss
    ya there is..but not those sleazy wan la..
    more like juz dancing on top of platform...hahhaha..
    and then i ended up going to the pole and dance too!
    wahaha..we make friend with one taiwanese dancer..lols
    i told her i work here before..and it was my ex supervisor who put me in..
    now i not sure whether i can go in again..cos i look like some crazy bitch who went in..
    we open one bottle of chivas....and ginger ale...lols... but i m a practical person.
    i prefer warm water..lols
    then on friday i had meeting with Rotaract Club and we went to SMU to attend this meeting..hahaha...then we took photos around SMU..anyway more pics can be seen at facebook...so go facebook and see..lol.now let the photos speaks!

    pretty lights with pretty girls?lolss
    some graffitti painters of SMU(i think!)

    rotaract club, new board of directors!!


    thats me and joel! dun anyhow think.we aint couple!! juz friends!!
    i m westernised person~ so dun anyhow think!!

    Thats Lan and me ~

    saw half of the pole???lols

    thats the taiwanese girl i m talking abt ~forget her name~

    abba,my ex lunar collegues

    me and Gina~ haha we used to talk alot at work.lols

    us again!
    we ate two plates of carrot cakes and one plate of chicken wing..lols
    and thats our chivas! hahahahahaa

    the two lovely brotherss~

    and thats us again~
    i sure had a good time there~for more pic,go see my facebook!hehe
    they all are my good buddies when working in dxo~ =)
    and my baby POP soonz!!weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~hehehe~
    cant wait....
    but then we had an obstacle ahead of us.
    regarding our family i guess..
    its juz a matter of time ba.
    wait and see lo..
    dun ask me wad is it. i wont say.if u noe me well enough, u noe tat i wont say such stuffs to anyone unless i wan to.so dun question me.
    and people i be going langkawi..hehehe~so miss me k! lols date not confirmed yet.
    going with my rotaract club committee.. yup.
    i cant wait manz!
    anyway gotta go soonz..
    baby no matter wad happen,
    i stay with u thru nightx and day.
    and let us face this obstacle together ok?
    cos i love u,really~

    spiritually_yours at 12:16 AM